The Healthy Chip

Five new whole-grain chip options take a little guilt out of snacking

While the phrase “healthy chips” might sound like an oxymoron, an increasing number of new food products incorporating whole grains want you to think otherwise. From lentils to beans, high fiber and nutrient-rich ingredients make the following snacks a little healthier.

lentilchips2.jpg lentilchips1.jpg
Mediterranean Snack Food Company

The tasty baked lentil chips from Mediterranean Snack Food Company use a healthy assortment of gluten-free ingredients such as lentils, adzuki and garbanzo beans. Perfect with hummus or on their own, the chips are a great source of fiber and protein. They also come in sea salt or cucumber dill flavors, and sell from Whole Foods and health-conscious grocers around the U.S. for around $4 a bag.

beanitos.jpg beanitos2.jpg

The Black Bean and Pinto Bean chips from Beanitos skip the corn and gluten for a deliciously high fiber spin on the standard tortilla chip that’s low glycemic and packed with Omega-3s too. Pick up a bag from Whole Foods or Snack Warehouse for $4.



For chickpea addicts, Amazon for about $3 a bag.


The Whole Earth

Made with seven whole grains and seeds, The Whole Earth‘s Really Seedy Tortilla Chips load up on vitamins, fiber and flax. The chips sell from Ralphs for around $4 a bag.

corozonas4.jpg corozonas5.jpg

Corazonas’ Freedom To Snack Potato and Tortilla Chips tap plant sterols (which naturally occur in fruits and vegetables) to help lower cholesterol for a healthy heart Corazonas owns the patent to infuse plant sterols into food, a process approved by the American Heart Association. To put it to the test, sign up on Corazonas’ Amazon or a health-conscious retailer near you for around $3.