Almond Water

A nutty French refreshment from LA's Victoria's Kitchen


A longstanding French tradition, almond water has been produced in small batches by nut lovers around the globe for hundreds of years. Bringing this all-natural treat to the masses is Victoria’s Kitchen, a small, family-run company started by husband-and-wife duo David and Deborah Meniane to “honor the importance of family and traditions that are passed on from generation to generation.”

Loaded with the nutrients found naturally in almonds, the gluten-free beverage still uses Grandma Victoria’s original recipe of water, natural almond flavor, pure cane sugar—and, say the founders, her love—for sweetening. Although some may be put off by the added sugar, we can assure you the mild taste is just right.

Victoria’s Kitchen is available in select stores across California, Texas and Florida, as well as online where a case of 12 16oz bottles sells for $27.