Road Bike Party 2

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For all their technical design elements, road bikes are always meant to have two wheels on the ground traveling forward. In his second edit of the same name, world renowned mountain biker Martyn Ashton graces us with a jaw-dropping cut featuring his own two-wheeled skills as well as bicycling brethren Chris Akrigg and Danny MacAskill (known for his astonishing Red Bull clips). All of the tricks—which include reverse nose wheelies, backflips and a full-on roller coaster style loop just to name a few—were performed on a Colnago C59 Disc, one of the most advanced road bikes in the world. Fit more for the peloton at the Tour de France than Scottish waterparks and dirt trails, the tricks in Ashton’s video are worth a look on their own let alone being landed on an elite road bike.