Old-school DāM-FЦПK, A Man of Ideas, new Cam'ron, a #PrivateJam from Bradley Zero and more in the music we tweeted this week


Auclair: Jupiter + Venus

UK music website The 405 debuted a new track from London-based singer, songwriter and producer Auclair this week. From her forthcoming EP Semaphore, “Jupiter + Venus” is like the Goldilocks of new music; it’s the perfect combination of sweet and daunting, slow but steady, and instrumentally streamlined but beautifully produced (for which Auclair worked with Marc Pell of Micachu and the Shapes). The melody brings to mind lazy Sunday mornings spent sipping tea in a rocking chair (or better yet, a hammock). Keep an eye out for this and more when the EP drops this summer on Kit Records.


DāM-FЦПK: I’m in Love (Unreleased Demo / 1993)

Hailing from Pasadena, California, Dâm-Funk made his unique brand of West Coast modern funk for over a decade before finding an audience (and critical acclaim) through Stones Throw Records. Now, after touring the world and working with the likes of Snoop Dogg and Animal Collective, Dâm looked deep into his own library of unreleased material and unearthed plenty of funk gold. “I’m in Love” was recorded on cassette in 1993 long before the record deals came in and foreshadows the talent that would not reach audiences for another 15 years.


Retiree: Together

Peckham-based DJ, Boiler Room host and founder of the new record label Rhythm Section, Bradley Zero Phillip is behind this week’s #PrivateJam. “Together” is an undeniably catchy tune from Australia’s Retiree, which the globetrotting Londoner told us, is “a new band from Sydney and—dare I say—my favorite EP of the year so far. Perfect pop music. I discovered the band via Andras Fox, a Melbournian friend who remixed a track on this EP. Australia is completely on fire at the moment (not literally). There is so much good music and culture coming out from Down Under.”


A Man of Ideas: Dreams Come False

An accomplished children’s book author, Brooklyn-based musician Michael Leviton likes to work in unexpected ways. His latest creative project is called A Man of Ideas, which began as an invite-only performance and is now a seven-track album featuring a 10-piece band and an array of female singers he enlisted to croon the songs he wrote and produced. To complete his vision, Leviton tapped his friends at Peking (a duo which includes CH video director Greg Mitnick), who fantastically convey the surreal sentiment behind “Dreams Come False” (sung by Aerial East).


Cam’ron + A-Trak: Dipsh*ts

In classic Diplomats fashion, the new release from Cam’ron is full of A-grade cameos, gritty street references, a heavy head-bobbing beat and plenty of nostalgia for “old New York.” Channeling the days of “Dispet Anthem” and “Purple Haze,” the self-proclaimed summer anthem “Dipsh*ts“—produced by A-Trak, Oliver and Just Blaze—was destined for radio glory from the day it was cut. To elevate the song visually, director Ricky Saiz—hot off work with Beyoncé and Supreme—captures the genuine feel of Harlem and the Diplomats’ sincere swagger. With Julez Santana on chorus and Dame Dash dropping a couple bars, “Dipsh*ts” is a strong return for the Harlem crew.

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