Colleagues: Tears

Hot Chip's take on William Onyeabor, Swedish dance-pop, filmmaker Jim Jarmusch's vampire soundtrack and more in our look at the music we tweeted this week

Take synth-driven electro-pop charm, bolster it with a riotous bass line and a healthy dose of danceability and the result is Swedish quintet Colleagues’ “Tears.” With synths fit for a stadium, hypnotic vocals and a radio-ready chorus, the track is accessible without losing soul or individuality. Following up the band’s breakout track on London’s latest In Stereo Records—where they were one of the first to sign on—it’s easy to get lost in the upbeat melody and surely your feet will follow. Amidst all the positivity and dance floor flurry of the melody lie heartfelt, melancholy lyrics that warrant multiple listens.