Habibi: I Got The Moves

Mahotella Queens, Banks + Shlomo, Habibi and more in the music we tweeted this week

Brooklyn-based Habibi dropped their self-titled, full-length album this week and in the midst of a long (and very cold) winter, it’s a welcome taste of warm weather to come. The lead single “I Got The Moves” is a minute and 45 seconds of garage pop bliss. Lead singer Rahill Jamalifard was inspired by pre-1979 Irananian music and art, and the band’s name comes from the Arabic term of affection meaning, “my love.” A surf rock rhythmic riff bounces over a tambourine-backed beat with vinyl-ed out Motown female vocals. Listening to the track instantly transports you to a summer afternoon—a much needed respite from the depths of the polar vortexes.