A sultry new tune by Kelela, Angel Olsen and Alex Cameron join forces and more in our musical wrap-up

Jim-E Stack: Moments Noticed

Sounding a little like a throwback to the ’90s rave era, LA-based Jim-E Stack’s (aka James Harmon Stack) “Moments Noticed” is a beautifully produced track, and while its feel is somewhat minimal, it’s also textured and rich. From the upcoming EP It’s Jim-ee, the song was written at the end of a longterm relationship, Stack says, and the combination of heartache and hope is reflected in the tune—thanks in part to the major chords used.

Kelela: LMK

With elements of ’90s R&B, a sultry bass-line, and lush vocals, Kelela’s brand new track “LMK” is from her upcoming Take Me Apart record. In classic Kelela style, it’s dark and sexy—and her voice is flawless. The slinky track builds effortlessly and certainly bodes well for the album to come.

Love Ssega: Crazy Deluded

British-Ugandan Love Ssega’s (aka Ssegawa-Ssekintu Kiwanuka) latest track, “Crazy Deluded” is an infectious dance-pop tune that boasts sparkly synths and splashes of funk, including a very groovy bass-line. His honeyed vocals sound effortless as he tells the story of a somewhat tumultuous relationship, but the ultimate mood is breezy and upbeat.

Alex Cameron + Angel Olsen: Stranger’s Kiss

A duet of barbed advice from a couple in the midst of a break-up, “Stranger’s Kiss” pairs Australian duo Alex Cameron’s burgeoning balladry with folk rock starlet Angel Olsen’s warm vocals. Jemima Kirke wrote, directed and starred in the music video, an eccentric and compelling character study involving a dancing doppelgänger on a mission. Alex Cameron’s album Forced Witness releases 8 September on Secretly Canadian.

Motörhead: Heroes (David Bowie Cover)

While David Bowie, Ian “Lemmy” Kilmister, and Phil Taylor aren’t on Earth, and Motörhead is no more, a video of the influential British metal band covering Bowie’s 1997 song “Heroes” has just been released. It remains faithful to the original version in many ways, though the band plays the song in their classic style: heavy, fast and loud. Recorded during sessions for Bad Magic, this rendition will appear on a new record called Under Cöver, which is set to include 11 cover versions.

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