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An Arthur Russell tribute, 10 techno records from female producers, Emile Haynie joined by Brian Wilson and more in the music we tweeted this week


Sage Caswell: Buyerside (Archie Pelago Overdub)

Archie Pelago, a Brooklyn-based trio that merges improvisational jazz with experimental electronic music, play their instruments (cello, sax and trumpet) as well as they do mixer knobs and effects pedals. Their twist on skate video director-turned-dance music producer Sage Caswell’s “Buyerside” is an intense flash of reeds and synth chords over electronic beats, for a brief track you’d only play at the peak hour of the party. No one is immune to this feverish release of energy. Caswell’s upcoming EP Good to See You/To Be Continued will be released through Archie Pelago Music on 3 November 2014.


Master Mix: Red Hot + Arthur Russell

Cellist Arthur Russell passed away from AIDS at 40 years old, performing and composing until his illness would no longer allow him to. The critically acclaimed, beloved and highly influential (if not entirely well-known) artist left behind a catalog of experimental pop disco that sounds equally relevant in today’s music landscape as it did when it was released in the mid ’80s. Master Mix sees a wide variety of recognizable artists from Robyn to Hot Chip to José González pay tribute to the late Russell to benefit the Red Hot Organization’s ongoing battle against AIDS. For fans of Russell, the nearly two-hour mix of covers and reworks is an essential listen, while for others, a sure introduction to Russell’s complex, beautiful work.


Ada’s Top 10 Techno Records

In honor of Ada Lovelace Day, which highlights achievements by women all over the world in the STEM fields, the Vinyl Factory tapped German techno queen (coincidentally also named) Ada to share her top 10 techno records from female producers. (Fittingly, Ada has already written a song about the historic figure, titled “Lovelace.”) Choice selections range from the simple but grooving 2003 track “River” from Berlin-based M.I.A. (Michaela or Mia Grobelny, lest you confuse it for the equally empowering female rapper) to the darker and aggressive “Actio Reactio” from festival favorite Helena Hauff.


Emile Haynie: Falling Apart (feat. Andrew Wyatt and Brian Wilson)

With a beautiful, eerie Canon in D vibe and something loosely resembling strung out Beach Boy harmonies (as the song features none other than Brian Wilson), Emile Haynie’s Falling Apart delivers layer upon layer of the unexpected. It churns forward, full and playful, while tackling pretty tragic lyrics for such a soaring pop track. Haynie, a Grammy Award winner for his work on Eminem’s Recovery, most recently topped the charts with Lana Del Rey’s album Born to Die, which he produced. But here, he truly demonstrates his diverse talents as a songsmith in his own right.


Henry Hall: Watery Deep

Showing brilliant promise as a demo, “Watery Deep” from up-and-comer Henry Hall feels like the musical love child of Chris Isaak’s “Wicked Game” and Donnie and Joe Emerson’s “Baby.” Hall’s lucid vocals lend sincerity to the emotional pull, making it feel at once melancholic and uplifting. His equally romantic song “Talk” recently set the mood for filmmaker Casey Neistat’s five-minute short, “A Love Story”—a beautiful montage-like video tribute to his wife and their relationship over eight years.

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