adidas Futurecraft Leather Originals Superstar

Taking a classic silhouette to the next generation

Only a month ago, iconic German sportswear brand adidas unveiled a progressive new materials initiative known as Futurecraft. Aside from its stunning, future-forward aesthetics, the debut sneaker under the Futurecraft banner employed a 3D-printed midsole that could be uniquely tailored to individual owners. Today, they’ve unveiled their latest wonder in the line, the limited edition Leather Originals Superstar. And while it might not appear to be as recognizable an advancement, the beautiful sneakers are more than just a new version of a classic silhouette.

Imagined in collaboration with industrial designer Alexander Taylor and Belgian shoe designer Joachim de Callataÿ, the Futurecraft Leather Originals Superstar actually sport a complete seamless upper. On the surface, this translates to comfort and flexibility, but underneath it is a precise digital milling technique normally utilized on metals and resins. Here, it transforms one single piece of leather—a material long employed by the performance brand—and minimizes the use of adhesive. There’s something familiar here (the Superstar has been around for 45 years), but clearly improved upon.

Adidas has more planned releases in the Futurecraft series over the next coming months, but it’s safe to say the first two were a visual and technological success. Only 45 pairs of the Leather Originals Superstar will be produced, and they’ll be available exclusively through Dover Street Market on 7 November 2015.

Video and images courtesy of adidas