Under $100 Swimsuit Essentials from Bikyni

The new online brand offers a rare, headache-free shopping experience for quality, made-in-USA bikini pieces


The search for a simple, versatile swimsuit seems to be a migraine-inducing event that comes back more fiercely every year. A new online-only brand Bikyni hopes to make the experience as pleasant as booking a sweet summer weekend getaway. Launching with five different tops, four bottoms and a one-piece (each available in various colorways), Bikyni provides relief from the sea of low-quality and over-designed options, and instead, offers classic yet updated styles at an accessible price point.


“Women dread shopping for swimwear—more than any other item of clothing,” Bikyni CEO (and former COO of Reformation) Jude Al-Khalil tells CH. “It’s hard to find a quality suit under the designer price point. The top might fit, but the bottom doesn’t.” Wanting to turn this recurring frustrating experience on its head, Al-Khalil takes the inhospitable public fitting room out of the equation completely through an online-only storefront with free shipping and returns. “With Bikyni, we’re hoping to modernize this experience by offering swimwear that’s easy to shop for and easy to wear,” she continues. “We offer our own line of quality swim essentials presented in a straightforward, uncluttered way.”


In the process of developing the line and the site, Al-Khalil and her team asked 4,000+ women how they wanted to shop for a suit and what information they wanted to see. This resulted in an intuitive fit guide that provides as much information as possible—covering support, coverage, adjustability, padding, etc—which is a lot more to work with than a Photoshopped image of a smiling model. And the pieces themselves are up to snuff: the premium fabrics are sourced from Italy, and all of the suits are made in Los Angeles—a 10-minute drive away from the Bikyni office. Their direct-to-consumer approach results in an easy-to-swallow $50 price tag for a top or bottom, or $95 for your mix-and-match set.

Images courtesy of Bikyni