Their imagery is provocative: the Statue of Liberty holding a pistol; a column of tanks spiked with roses; a dancing Marvin Gaye rising from an urban cityscape.

“There’s a political underlying theme, it makes you notice and makes you think,” Patrick, 22, told Cool Hunting. “We just like to make clothes that we’d want to wear, but we want to make something better each time around.” It was his younger brother Mike, now 20, who had the idea for t-shirts, Patrick said. Skeptical at first—the brothers had no design background—the two began to collaborate. “I said let’s focus on music, but a couple months later, we had our first season which we hustled to all of our friends,” Patrick said.

From these humble origins, their tees are in stores in seven countries across North America, Europe, and Asia (and available on their site and at GCS Clothing) and they just released their fourth season, including some limited editions. The shirts are on soft, combed cotton and run bigger, Patrick said, in line with their hip-hop clientele.