Akomplice: Limousine Early Voting Party


Akomplice, the brainchild of two brothers in their early 20s from a tiny mountain townin the Colorado Rockies has made some strides since we last checked in with them in 2006.

Brothers Mike and Patrick McCarney have recently entered the political fray with their Ballin' With Barack '08 t-shirts. The company is throwing a “early voting party†from 11am-6pm Thursday, 30 October 2008, in Denver and Boulder in Colorado. The limos will ferry visitors to the polls —gratis!—and there'll be free gear and discounted schwag waiting back at the club for those who cast ballots for the candidate of their choice.

“Colorado is a swing state, and could potentially decide the entire election, so we need to make sure the youth takes a stand by voting to get the change we need,†reads the company's call-to-arms. “It's important to vote, because our vote elects a leader who will affect the entire world, we're not just voting for our country, we're voting for the entire globe.â€

Also catching our attention from the fall line is a t-shirttribute to the brothers' former gonzo neighbor, Dr. Hunter S. Thompson. That's along with a print teefeaturing seminal gangsta rappers N.W.A.