New American Menswear and Accessories at The Ensign

A hub for upscale items, designed and produced in the USA

With an eye on numerous factors that make fashion both wearable and desirable—striking images and editorials, forward thinking designers, ease of purchase, a defined identity—The Ensign has become an important new online shopping destination. The brand only stocks clothing, outerwear and accessories designed and made in America. They feature the latest designers, and during fashion week employed a “See Now Buy Now” function that let consumers snag clothes right after runway shows. With a clear user interface, which can be sorted as products or designers, and a frequently updated roster of items, it’s a site worth scrolling through—even if just to get a better understanding of what’s being made in the USA right now. From capsule collections to collaborations,

new American luxury has a home here.

The Ensign’s team carefully selects each item “with a specific focus on unique designers who are advancing the idea of American fashion both conceptually and stylistically,” explains co-founder Jason Wagg, an alum of both Tom Ford and Neiman Marcus. “So many retailers currently focus on product with little context, but it’s important to us to draw out a bigger narrative within the brands and products,” he says. When one takes into account the sheer number of fashion and accessory producers in the US these days, a destination like The Ensign becomes even more important. Their messaging is clear: this is America’s clothing vision for the future.

“We started this company to challenge the idea of what fashion contributes to American culture,” adds co-founder Luis Morales. “American fashion is mostly designed in the US, but made overseas—does that still make it American?” he posits. With that, he furthers their brand’s mission: “The history and heritage of American manufacturing provides emerging designers and artisans an opportunity to distinguish themselves and their work. By encouraging and supporting the relationships between creatives and the domestic manufacturing sector, we are also contributing to the continual evolution of American fashion.” This is important, but Wagg and Morales also understand the clothing has to look good—and they’ve landed that as well.

Images courtesy of The Ensign