Caracalla Bagaglio Commemorative Motorsport Collection

Handmade leather bags designed to match historic race cars

by Quincy Moore


U.K.-based makers of luxury Italian-leather holdalls Caracalla Bagaglio fashions their “Commemorative Motorsport Collection” line after the past triumphs of famous race cars and their drivers. The company, owned by motorsports aficionado Simon Jordan, borrows its first name from the Roman emperor whose historic baths were the site of Ferrari’s first victory in 1947 and gets its surname from the word for luggage in Italian.

While only die-hard fans will get the historical relevance of each bag, it takes little more than a simple aesthetic to admire the classic elegance of these weekend getaway companions.

FerrariBagRed.jpg FerrariBlackSide.jpg

Craftspeople hand make each bag in Italy from fine leather that closely matches the interior color of the car it celebrates. For instance, our favorite variant, the Lotus JPS No. 6 (pictured top), uses stark black with gold stitching, just like the Formula 1 whip Brazilian Emerson Fittipaldi drove to victory in the 1972 Italian F1 Grand Prix.


A stamp of the Team Lotus emblem just below the opening of the No. 6 adds to the immaculate detail of the accessory, a design repeated on other models. Features also include a detachable shoulder strap, internal pocket, end-to-end zipper, and metal studs for protection while sitting on the ground.

FerrariBagLogo.jpg FerrariRedWheel.jpg

Each measures 22″ long x 12.5″ wide x 11″ deep, and sells online for just under $445. Pick one up from Bagaglio.