CH Omakase 2016: Beatriz Cuff

A woven, handcrafted accessory from Philippines-based designer Carissa Cruz-Evangelista

Featuring a pattern local to its Philippines design studio, the Beatriz cuff commission for CH Omakase 2016 reflects our love of hand-woven artisan works. Beatriz, founded by designer Carissa Cruz-Evangelista, frequently displays a dedication to brightly colored geometric patterns on an aesthetic level, but counts social responsibility as one of the brand’s core components. Cruz-Evangelista’s work extends beyond jewelry and into the greater world of luxury accessories also. We were taken by the cuff, however, which was produced by hand by a craftswoman trained by the company. Made in an edition of just 30, it’s a statement piece with a good heart.

This particular Beatriz cuff was made available only to CH Omakase clients, but Cruz-Evangelista has many other accessories available at her web store, including clutches, cuffs and other pieces of jewelry. To make sure you’re given early access to exclusive products next year, reserve your CH Omakase gift box online now.

Images by Cool Hunting