CH Omakase 2016: Soxfords

We had first dibs on these new wacky but stylish dress socks

We’ve repeatedly drawn attention to the fact that the opportunities for men to accessorize stylishly are slim. Oftentimes, watches, socks and ties become a window for personality—but it’s also difficult to find items with an appropriate balance of quality, punctuation and acceptability. That’s what drew us to Soxfords, a NY based company that delivers the unconventional by way of clever patterns, tasteful colors and curious creatures. Designed by founder Ryan Kent and produced from high quality pima cotton, the socks (and ties) almost make one feel as if they aren’t dressing up. That was the essence of what drew us to the brand, especially when preparing CH Omakase 2016. In selecting a yet-to-be released “Frog Leg” style we embraced the festive green hue with the charming frog and lily pads.

CH Omakase clients were given early access to Soxfords’ “Frog Leg” socks, which launch after the new year. Until then Soxfords has plenty of other sock, neck and bow tie options available, as well as other matching accessories. To make sure you’re given early access to exclusive products next year, reserve your CH Omakase gift box online now.

Images by Cool Hunting