Soxfords’ Charming Sock + Tie Pairings

Patterns, stripes and more from cotton socks to silk ties

Two years ago, we fell for Soxfords‘ unconventionally patterned dress socks. Founder Ryan Kent struck a chord with those looking to punch up the personality in their outfits, in an entirely acceptable way. Earlier this year, Soxfords debuted 100% silk ties that carried much of the same character. These are not novelty ties, but good looking, high-quality knit accessories with strong color pairings and a hint of eccentricity. Kent explains to CH that the initial inspiration behind Soxfords was so that “you don’t feel like you’re dressing up, when you are.” And the ties reflect this as well. Moreover, for those looking to unify their personal touches—many of the ties match the socks. And on 13 July of this year, Soxfords will be releasing matching tie, sock and tie bar gift boxes.

Two hand-embroidered ants crawl on a picnic blanket-patterned sock. A rich red tie with white stripes matches perfectly, unified by ants on a tie bar. A hand-embroidered pink elephant stands at the ankle of a brown polka dot sock. Soxfords has matching pieces for that as well. It’s just a touch of personality, more for the wearer than the observer—but a cut above the rest. In a world of limited respectable options for men’s accessorizing, Soxfords presents a viable, reliable option.

The gift boxes will be available for $120 on the Soxfords website 13 July 2015. All of the individual parts are already available online, where socks sell for $24, ties sell for $65 and tie bars sell for $34.

Images courtesy of Soxfords