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Chucks by FactoryPeople and Youth of Tomorrow

Austin City Limits puts on the ACL Festival every September, and Factory People is the social hub of the event, with many of the bands dropping by the shop to buy new tour clothes, take a turn on their DJ setup, or just hang out.

This year Factory People asked Youth of Tomorrow to create a unique item for an installation at their big after-party with Fader magazine. Being all about quintessential, YoT settled on customizing some Chuck Taylor All-Stars, the quintessential rock n roll footwear.

The 5 pairs based on the music of 5 different bands playing ACL are shown after the jump with descriptions from YoT. All pairs are being auctioned on eBay with 100% of the proceeds being donated to the San Juan Diego Catholic High School.


The Arcade Fire are one of those bands whose lyrics construct such astounding mental images. The Song 'Neighborhood 1: Tunnels' provided the inspiration for this scene, painted onto the über-popular Laceless Chuck Lo. There are flecks of 24K gold leaf throughout the snowy scene, which depicts the houses in the song.

These also bear the signature of one of the members of The Arcade Fire, who was impressed by them when dropping by! (autograph reads: xo jeremy (on behalf of the rest of those clowns!))

mens size 6.5, womens size 8.5, bid now on eBay


Another British invasion band, but this time a little bit darker than their poppy brethren. Listening to 'Like Eating Glass', we felt as if the music would be perfect for driving down a London highway at night. The all-black Chuck hightops have had their edges bleached out to reveal a salmon pink, and streetlamps adorn the outside ankles. The rubber all-star has been leafed in 24K gold, and the lamps glow in the dark.

mens size 7, womens size 9, bid now on eBay


Being purveyors of music that tells tall tales of lost loves and high seas, we customized this white pair off Chucks to look a bit like weathered sails. On the right outer ankle there is an anchor, on the left, a painting of a whale's tail. To complete the nautical theme, the laces have been replaced with hemp rope. (Sharp-eyed Decemberists fans will also note that there is a Red Right Ankle).

mens size 9.5, womens size 11.5, bid now on eBay


Taking a cue from their own personal style, The Franz Ferdinand is a standard black Chuck with chocolate brown stripes, offset by gold soles (because the boys can do no wrong?) and a gold 'FF' logo on the outside right ankle. A little bit Schoolboy, a little bit Tailored. All grown up.
mens size 8, womens size 10, bid now on eBay


M83 was one of those great discoveries of seeing a big music festival. Factory People introduced us to their music, and we were instantly drawn in. Being mostly instrumental in their arrangements, the music is tight and mathematical, but with great Dionysian flourishes. The M83 Chuck is an all-black lo with spray painted white pinstripes. Along each stripe are tiny holes, revealing pastel colors underneath. The front toe-wrap and sole are painted white.

mens size 7, womens size 9, bid now on eBay