Decatur & Sons

A visit to Chelsea Market's full-service barbershop with owner Thorin Decatur


Taking a moment to relax in the heart of New York City can be a challenge. Thorin Decatur, proprietor of the newly minted barbershop Decatur & Sons wants to change that. Decatur developed his barbering skills along with a strong following during his time at line-around-the-block NYC outfit F.S.C. Barber. With a passion for service, an eye for style and a penchant for doing things the old fashioned way, Decatur’s goal is a hassle-free and memorable experience.


“Getting a haircut or a shave should be a completely relaxing moment, from booking to sitting down in the chair,” Decatur explains. “I want people to feel confident that they just got the best cut and shave.” On a recent visit to Decatur & Sons, we were impressed with Decatur’s attention to detail and passion for his craft. Located in a quiet corner of Manhattan’s bustling Chelsea Market, Decatur’s shop has a relaxed, intimate vintage-inspired vibe—the kind of place you want to hang out for a chat after a cut and shave.

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As a third generation man of the clippers and blade, barbering is in Decatur’s blood. “It gave me a creative outlet with a double nod to my grandfather who was a barber for 35 years,” he says. “There’s a long American tradition to the trade and in recent times it’s really come back to life.” Decatur is passionate about blending traditional techniques with a modern touch. For example, during a shave he uses a series of hot towels lightly misted with a relaxing formula of citrus and herb scented oil. “The heat allows the hair to relax and soften to make the shave that much more gentle on the face,” he explains.


In addition to his scissor and razor skills, Decatur is extremely knowledgeable about all things follicle health. Within a minute in the chair, he had several suggestions for improved grooming habits. Not only a good cut and shave, customers can look forward to learning a few things. While Decatur wanted a place to call his own, he doesn’t work entirely solo. Surrounded by highly skilled and like-mined coiffeurs, he makes sure your locks are in good hands no matter whose chair you’re in. Featuring mostly natural products, Decatur carefully selected products from Vermont’s Ursa Major and London’s Mr. Natty.

At $65 for an expert shave and cut, Decatur & Sons is an experience in casual relaxation. Visit their website to make an appointment.

Images by Hans Aschim