Artist-Led Boxers by druthers

Premium cotton underwear celebrating art and design where the sun don't shine


If you carefully choose which pair of selvedge jeans and limited-edition sneakers you climb into each day, why not choose undergarments as discerningly too? Several superior basics brands have popped up in recent years, but few have the personality that newly launched druthers does. Through artist series, playful prints and partnerships with non-profits each season, druthers aims to bring a bit of life to the oft-overlooked side of men’s apparel—similar to how Happy Socks changed many minds as to what defines proper footwear. Plus, each pair is made of Ghost Cotton; a super-soft, custom-developed fabric that fits well even under the tightest jeans.


With concepts and visuals led by Executive Creative Director, Grandison Taber (co-founder of Mood Skateboards), druthers is off to an impressive start with 24 vibrant designs comprising their initial collection. As a creativity-focused brand, expect to see a diverse cast of characters for the Artist Series. First up is famed graffiti writer Seb Gorey, and next we’ll see Oliver Clegg, a London-born artist currently catching steam in the contemporary art world. “The pool of talent surrounding us in NYC is endless,” says co-founder Alan Shikverg. “It would be a shame to not let them shine through in some of our products.”


Additional standouts include a clever Russian doll collage and the Kaiten Zushi print, designed by Dust La Rock from Fools Gold Records, who signed on to act as lead graphics designer for all hand-drawn iterations. And of course, the Save The Bees boxer, a wearable endorsement of The Pollinator Partnership (druther’s non-profit partner for the SS14 season). The global organization works to protect and promote the repopulation of bees worldwide, and druthers will bolster such efforts by raising awareness and ultimately, giving back financially. “As a brand, we sincerely give a shit. Working with non-profits is always a win-win situation for everyone involved,” explains Shikverg, with a lighthearted smile. “In the end we get to cut a check to our favorite non-profits, and look good doing it.”


Backing up the NYC-based brand’s initial release of bold boxer shorts will soon be an extended portfolio of other basics, including briefs, undershirts, long underwear and maybe even tank tops—anything that fits the brand’s “first on, last off” slogan. Find the premium boxers now online from druthers for $25 a pair.

Images courtesy of druthers