adidas’ “Choose To Give Back” Program Rewards People for Recycling

While many people donate wearable items that are in good condition, there aren’t as many outposts for clothing and accessories that are no longer viable. In an attempt to decrease the amount of clothing that turns up at landfill sites, adidas partnered with online resale site thredUP to create an app that rewards people for donating their old gear. Apparel, accessories and shoes in any condition, and from any brand, are accepted. Individuals need only pack their goods into a bag or box under 60 inches and mail it with the prepaid shipping label. Then, adidas sorts through the donations to either reuse the materials or resell items. Users attain rewards for each item, including adidas Creators Club points, vouchers and more. Initially launched on the adidas app late last year, the program will soon have a wider release online and in stores. Learn more on the app.

Image courtesy of adidas