Diamond Supply Co + Dogtown’s Collaborative Collection

We speak with Nick Tershay about teaming up with the iconic skate brand

As the iconic skate brand Dogtown celebrates its 40th anniversary, a younger company has also reached a milestone: Diamond Supply Co is quickly approaching their 20th year. To celebrate, the Californian brands have come together to pay homage to the past, present, and future of skating with a capsule collection that merges punk beach aesthetic with sharp skate streetwear sensibilities.

Diamond Supply Co’s founder Nick Tershay (aka Nick Diamond) finds this collaboration to be quite fitting given how inspiring the Venice crew was in his formative years. “I was a fan of watching the Dogtown Z-Boyz era of street skating in Venice Beach as a kid in the mid ’80s / early ’90s when I was growing up in San Fran,” Tershay says. “I used to look at them as being very influential in the jump ramp, wall ride, and street plant scene back then. I was into punk rock and Suicidal Tendencies, and just the way they dressed.”

“They were surf punks, and I was into punk and hip-hop,” Tershay says. “Dogtown was different than the skate scene in SF but the same on so many levels. I think us coming together to do a collab on the eve of Diamond Supply Co’s 20-year anniversary was just meant to happen.”

The collection manifests in a few forms, centered on the recognizable Dogtown cross finished with a diamond replacing the words’ unifying O. This new mark is placed on coach jackets, snapbacks, hoodies, and T-shirts, with black and white finishes that feature dashes of sunset pinks and yellows along beachy blue-green. The apparel feels both old and new, something that could be worn by the old Dogtown crew in their prime or by those like Tershay who continue on their legacy alongside skate’s newest stars.

Obviously this effort is something Tershay has dreamt about for years as he’s able to fold in inspiration he’s drawn from the crew’s visual presence into his own. “I’ve always loved the art on the Dogtown graphics from back in the day until now,” Tershay says. “The iconic imagery of Dogtown inside the cross always spoke to me and I thought it was super cool. I used to draw that on my folders in school.” Naturally, Tershay’s getting to put a diamond amidst their logo was a treat. Tershay explains, “It’s really amazing that our collaboration with Dogtown now has the cross with a diamond in the middle. It’s really an iconic thing for me, I’m honored.”

Tershay is pleased with how everything turned out and notes how vital the original Dogtown team was in implementing the project, particularly Aaron Murray whose imagery is used for a few of the looks. “I’ve been friends with Murray, Eric Dressen, Wade Spire, Karma Tsocheff, Cardiel, JJ Rogers, and a lot of the old Dogtown guys from the ‘90s that I grew up skating with and being around,” Tershay says. “This collab really made a lot of sense. I feel very lucky to have started a brand and have the opportunity to collaborate with one of my favorite skateboarding brands of all time.”

Images courtesy of Diamond Supply Co and Dogtown