Feiyue Plimsolls


Chucks are beyond ubiquitous aren't they? In London, even the anti-Converse, non-branded, army surplus training shoe is everywhere these days, so what's next? Chinese brand Feiyue looks the most likely over the summer. They've been made in Shanghai since 1920 and have been worn by everyone from politicians to Shaolin masters. Apt, as the brand-name means "flying forward." They are incredibly comfortable to wear.

The original Shaolin Soul shoe (top left) is going for around £40 in a handful of London stores at the moment. You can also get them direct from Feiyue's online shop for €50 plus postage. However, there are specialist martial arts stores out there selling them for as little as $18. [Eds. note: Feiyue wrote us to tell us that those are fakes.] Seek them out, Grasshopper.