Fred Shirts

The encouraging water brand introduces T-shirts made of 100% recycled plastic bottles

Fred-water-1.jpg Fred-water-2.jpg

A water brand unlike any other, Fred has stood on store shelves for some six years now, setting itself apart with an unconventional flask-like shape and a rather counterintuitive message—reuse. Unlike most brands that encourage consumption for a monetary gain, Fred wants its customers to reuse their bottle time and time again, like a Nalegene. By supporting water drinking in general—whether it be from the tap or from Fred—rather than pushing sales, the small company keeps on track with its founding motive of offering an attractive alternative to unhealthy soft drinks.

And now, on top of this, Fred recently released a small collection of T-shirts, made entirely of 100% recycled bottles collected from a facility in North Carolina. Rather than using cotton—which can be a rather environmentally exhausting crop to process—the T-shirts are constructed of nothing but recycled plastic, resulting in an impressively soft, lightweight feel. Support the initiative and snag a shirt for yourself directly from Fred for $27.

Images courtesy of Fred