Keeping Outerwear Alive with Gear Aid

Patch holes with confidence and a sense of humor


As jacket season tentatively draws to an end here in the Northern Hemisphere, we’re taking stock of the wear and tear on this season’s gear. Even the most durable materials take a few hits after an active season, but it’s no reason to retire them altogether. Every stain, stitch-up and DIY-job gives a piece character and tells its own unique story. Skip the duct tape in favor of Tenacious Tape from Gear Aid. Instantly patch holes and contain rips while having a bit of fun with these high-strength patches, which come in custom shapes. Suitable for everything from tents to fishing waders, Tenacious Tape comes especially handy for lightweight down jackets that are often prone to rips; that trail of feathers can be taken care of, stat.

Pick up a pack of Tenacious Tape (our favorite is the benevolent Sasquatch) for $10 via Amazon. Check out Gear Aid‘s full line-up of waterproofing and repair products online.

Images courtesy of Gear Aid