The Latest from Japanese Outdoor Brand, Goldwin

The Toyama brand pushes their streamlined innovation further and also opens a NYC pop-up

Founded in Oyabe City in Toyama Prefecture, Goldwin has been producing sporting goods since the late 1950s. During their second decade on the market, the brand applied new knitting technologies to their apparel, creating highly functional ski wear that was immediately recognizable thanks to the colorful, geometric patterns. Essentially, Goldwin evolved their apparel as skis (and the sport itself) also developed, and in 1987 they became the official brand to dress the Swedish national team. For decades, the brand has advanced both technologically and stylistically.

With their spring/summer 2018 collection launching today—along with their pop-up shop in NYC’s Westerlind showroom, Goldwin pushes the bar even further. Maintaining a minimalist look with plenty of hidden technical details, the new collection is comprised of coats, windbreakers, hoodies, both tapered and wide-leg pants, coverall shirts and T-shirts.

Each piece is high-performance and features plenty of clever fine points that will impress travelers, adventurers and outdoor enthusiasts. Encouraging customers to take the designs from the city into nature, Goldwin has created a range that’s functional while being ultimately stylish—plenty of classic shapes, clean lines and subtle colorways that avoid being dull.

Our favorite piece in the new collection is the Bal Collar coat. Made from a light cotton-like ripstop nylon and highly breathable and durable DOT AIR fabric, its beauty is in the subtle hidden details and functions. From a security chest pocket to its plaid lining, the coat offers plenty of functional and stylish standouts. Other highlights include the MA-1—the brand’s take on the classic flight jacket—which is made extra-functional thanks to its PARTEX nylon fabric which is waterproof and breathable. With a waterproof zipper and a lightweight lining, it can be worn all year ’round.

Located on Spring St, the Westerlind store‘s decor has been overhauled for the brand and its look has been inspired by the various cutting-edge retail experiences in Japan. The new collection is available at the Soho pop-up, select stockists and online.

Images courtesy of Goldwin and Westerlind