New Basics Premium Sweats

Fighting fast fashion with ethically made T-shirts and sweats


When it comes to basics, it’s too easy to simply visit a local chain and buy them on the cheap; after all, basics are made for convenience, and daily wear means frequent replacement. However, these inexpensive items often have a high price socially and environmentally, including poor labor conditions and toxic production methods. Up-and-coming LA design studio New Basics wants to change the way we think about essentials by creating a line of T-shirts, tanks and sweats that are ethically made, sustainably sourced and well-designed.


Currently funding its launch via Kickstarter, New Basics works by way of three guiding principles: transparency, quality and integrity. The company knits its own fabric out of 100% cotton, and has developed methods that guarantee long-lasting garments. In contrast to what has been reported as fast fashion’s average pay of $.45 per hour, New Basics promises fair wages and labor practices, employing local manufacturers as opposed to going overseas where there is often little to no oversight. They have also made the cost of manufacturing fully transparent, so customers know exactly what they’re paying for. Most garments you’ll find in stores are marked up six times what they cost to make. New Basics, on the other hand, is able to cut out the wholesale markup and price their clothes at a standard markup of just over twice what they cost to make. This model guarantees high-quality materials at affordable costs. Finally, all garments come with a 10 year warranty, meaning you can replace that worn out T-shirt—if it actually ever wears out.

Supporting New Basics on Kickstarter gets you first in line for their collection of T-shirts, tanks, sweats and hoodies, including a genius sweatshirt design with a stash pocket hidden within a kangaroo pouch.

Images courtesy of New Basics