Helly Hansen Odin PCM Soft Shell: Self-Regulating Temperature Control Jacket


Regulating body heat is always a challenge during cold weather — it's always too hot or too cold, especially when running around town from crowded subway to overheated office. Helly Hansen's Odin PCM soft shell jacket solves the problem with technology that automatically adjusts according to your body heat.

Fabric called Phase Change Material uses paraffin to store and release heat when needed most. Paraffin, a hydrocarbon, is most often used in sheet rock for residential buildings because it acts as an insulator. Usually found in wax form, paraffin melts as it absorbs heat, hardening again as it cools down and releasing the stored heat, thereby saving you from freezing.

In addition to this new heat regulating feature, the Soft Shell features all the usual technologically advanced characteristics we come to expect from Helly Hansen, like waterproof zips, adjustable hood and a close-fitting cut. We especially like the added abrasion resistant material used in high-impact spots including the shoulders and waist. The Odin collection also includes guide pants, jacket and a vest.

Available for $550, find more info and a store near you at Helly Hansen.

via Outside