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Italian t-shirt label Impure's graphics poke fun at the concept of an icon

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In just a few short years, the small t-shirt brand Impure has become immensely popular among Italians and collectors alike. The graphic concepts revolve around living and imaginary icons, but the treatment of them speaks to the belief that no cultural phenomenon is pure anymore—an idea clearly underlined by the slogan, “pure clothes for impure people”.

Impure (also to be intended as “I’m pure”) finds motivation in everyday heroes who mirror change and embody the most authentic challenge to contemporary culture.

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Indicated by their website (by the Rome-based agency Xister) and shirt design, Impure embraces paradoxes and subtle controversies. As a result, their tees generate surreal and memorable images, such as Obama as the best DJ, Gandhi as a fighter, or Einstein as sex symbol.

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The complete collection today includes fleeces, hoodies, button-downs and denim. The label is also certified environmentally friendly through Impatto Zero, meaning that it compensates what it pollutes through the seeding and care of trees in Costa Rica’. Both men and women’s tees sell online starting at €49.

Paolo Ferrarini

Paolo Ferrarini

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