Rita Design


Rita is a multidisciplinary design studio based in Montreal, Canada. Responsible for a large array of graphic, object and event designs, they work to create inspiring new creative solutions in form, function and communication. Whether it’s a city-sized intervention, or simply the design of an everyday object, their interdisciplinary philosophy applies to all levels, in all circumstances.

Along with an impressive list of past clients they somehow find time to work on projects of their own, their latest is a collection of graphic T-Shirts entitled “Carry Less†These T-shirts are printed with the silhouettes of every day items and accessories as they would appear if they were “wornâ€. Their first series is called “Beverly Hills 1980s-styleâ€, which includes prototype versions of a classic Walkman, roller skates, Ray-Ban shades and, available now in a limited series, a holster, complete with a gun. It's $35 from online from Rita's Boutique.