Lucid New York Jewelry


Inspired by a Dali sculpture of Alice in Wonderland at Montmartre in Paris, Anna Sabino's cutout series of necklaces entitled Dreaming are for women who love feeling like a girl with elegant but dainty charms such as those pictured above. Of all the pieces in the collection, none quite evokes the joy of childhood like the necklace that incorporates a chain as a cleverly whimsical stand-in for a girl's jump rope. (For a much weirder but similarly ingenious use of chains, check out Tobias Wistisen's shrunken head necklace.)

Originally a part-time glassblower, Sabino began working with metals and switched to a full-time jewelry designer after working as a market analyst on Wall Street. While the two professions may seem quite the contrast, it comes as no surprise as Sabino is a fan of opposition and can usually be found sporting classy grey attire bedecked with funky accessories.


Lucid New York jewelry is all handmade and Sabino even makes customized jewelry, although with their vast selection of cocktail rings and necklaces that includes everything from frogs to fortune cookies to guns, we doubt you won't find an item that suits your personality. Prices vary from $35-95 and can be purchased online or at select boutiques.