Jill Platner Sculpture

Master jeweler applies her metalsmithing talent to sculpture


Massachusetts-born beauty Jill Platner, known for the beautifully organic forms of her exquisite jewelry, has always yearned to apply her metal-manipulating skills to her passion for sculpture. This week, realizing the career-long dream, she opened a month-long show of her sculptural work in NYC.


Platner discovered her love of metal working in NYC while attending the Parson’s School of Design, getting into the jewelry business as a way to accumulate enough cash to make sculptural pieces. Years later, operating out of the same Soho space, she’s managed to create a fantastic installation. Produced under an ambitious timeline, the project started three months ago when Platner rallied a team of friends and colleagues to produce the series of pieces, a play on scale following the form of many of her well-known jewelry designs.


Resulting sculptures, constructed from steel, copper and bronze, resonate with Platner’s strong, elegant style. The hearty, interactive pieces are meant to live either indoors or out and, like her jewelry, beg to be touched. In the gallery setting, the dramatic installation uses harsh light to cast shadows across and through the pieces, creating silhouettes almost as enchanting at the work itself.


Check out the installation at 111 Crosby street in New York City (next door to Platner’s store) from now until the 31 May 2011; it is open daily to the public from noon to 5pm.