Area Code T-Shirts

By Julie Wolfson


An alternative way to show local pride, MikeJames Clothing Company's tees give a shout out to home towns with graphic images of states and area codes. Mark Wahlberg, pictured at right, is even a fan.

The area code shirts are the brainchild of long time friends Mike Kirschenbaum and James Starr. Printed in the U.S. on 100% free trade, 100% cotton American Apparel shirts, each depicts an outline of a state, incorporating the area code into the design. To help kids in the cities represented, MikeJames Clothing company donates $1 from the purchase price to the YMCA. More states and area codes will be released soon.

We met James Starr at the cafe he co-owns with Jason Bernstein The Golden State, a new popular restaurant in L.A.'s Fairfax District, known for their awesome burgers, artfully selected beer list and beer floats made with Scoops ice cream by Tai Kim. The restaurant celebrates some of the best foods in California. With MikeJames t-shirt company everyone wearing their shirts can celebrate their home states too. This writer plans to rock the 323, how about you?


Area code tees are available from the MikeJames site starting at $24.