New Klaus Tees


Two years ago Klaus Industries proclaimed that 2006 was the new 1984.

While the fledgling experiment of democracy is still fledgling, the Portland, Oregon-based company has expanded their line of irreverent and humorous wears. Aside from an update on that particularly ominous theme, these hand-dyed printed shirts extol the tough-guy Abe Lincoln and the need for some domestic humanitarian intervention.

“Our shirts are intended to be thought provoking, without provoking a fight,†reads the site's introduction.

Each shirt is hand-dyed on an American Apparel t-shirt that's guaranteed to be sweatshop free, if not a little sweaty. That's how it is at Klaus Industries, headquartered in the industrial outskirts of Portland. Like the soap company in "Fight Club," “except 70 percent less homoerotic.â€

Also, a dollar is donated from every shirt to Kiva, a website that links lenders with entrepreneurs in the developing world.