Nike M-65 Patchwork Jacket


When Nike's M-65 Patchwork Jacket showed up at the CH headquarters today—reactions were mixed, but anything that generates that much controversy is undeniably appealing. In fact, no two jackets are the same because of randomly placed patchwork layouts.

Produced specifically for this holiday season, the outerlayer twists the traditional concept of patchwork into a highly technical construction. Built off the same specs as the original M-65 Jacket, it's made entirely of three-layer laminate waterproof and breathable nylon patchwork squares with taped construction replacing stitching, which make for an extremely light but super warm piece.


The pop-out hood is useful in nasty conditions but neatly zips away when it's sunny; waterproof reserved coil zippers with contoured pull tabs protect the wearer and add functionality; laser-cut pockets seem to be the new standard, and for good reason. We also like the fact that there is no visible branding on the jacket, making it inconspicuous and at times, more versatile. The "no-branding" movement seems to have caught on quick and we hope to see more from Nike in this direction.

A super limited-edition piece, you won't find it at retail outlets just yet, so expect to see it only on those who are very close to the brand. Darn it!

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