Cycling with kor’s Ünterwear Ultra-Slender Padding

Comfort that ditches the bulkiness, from the stylish NYC urban roadwear brand


From kor—a brand dedicated to designing and producing workout apparel that’s stylish yet retaining all the necessary functionality—comes ünterwear. This undergarment comes in two versions: one for long distance use and another for short distance use—and both contain a specific ultra-slender pad. This allows ünterwear to go from reliable cycling underwear to something without the bulk that can be worn under anything. It’s made from high-performance Italian fabrics, and features a wide elastic waistband and Bureau Veritas certified spandex. The durable pad inside offers more than sweat absorption; it’s also bacteriostatic. Altogether, this highly tested piece of apparel offers everything an athlete needs in an undergarment, but slim enough to be worn for all occasions.

Unterwear-02.jpg Unterwear-03.jpg

“I was sick of getting off my bike, wanting to join my ladies for a cocktail and looking like a seal with a maxi pad stitched into my behind,” kor’s founder Allison Cline explains to CH. She partnered with NYC-based designer Gingie McLeod to establish kor’s full line, which includes an array of tops and bottoms that launched earlier this year. All of the products were designed with the needs of commuter cyclists and other active users in mind, but their usage extends far beyond. And while the clothes were designed for women, there’s a unisex vibe to many of them.

kor’s ünterwear is available online for $85, as well as their entire range of stylish, unisex cycling apparel. kor is offering CH readers an exclusive 15% discount when using the code COOLHUNTING at check out.

Images courtesy of kor