Swrve Urban Cycling Apparel


Cycling attire usually falls in one of two camps: triathlon spandex or rudimentary messenger cut-offs. To fill the void of bicycle apparel that's as stylish as it is utilitarian comes swrve, a small Los Angeles-based company. Their collection of reasonably-priced, American-made clothing has everything from classic wool riding caps to light-weight, water-repellent riding knickers—all constructed with a discerning eye for a contemporary aesthetic.

A particular bright spot in the collection is their jeans. Currently available for men, they have the outward appearance tailored blue jeans but have accounted for all the rigors of cycling. The 98% cotton/2% Lycra blend and articulated knees allow a full range of motion, while the gusseted crotch eliminates any potential chaffing on the seams. The waistline dips low in the front (to avoid an invasive belt buckle) but rises higher in the back (to thwart a chilly tailwind). Additional details include six-inch back pockets (wide enough to store a mini U-lock) and an interior reflective stripe that a rolled drive-side pant leg exposes. And the whole package comes in a slim, streamlined fit that doesn't scream "cyclist."

The full range of Swrve items can be purchased at the online store, as well a select few dealers around the world.