Patagonia Legacy Collection

Iconic pieces reinterpreted and reintroduced to celebrate the outdoor outfitter's 40th anniversary


A legendary company if there ever was one, Patagonia grew from humble beginnings in the climbing community to become one of the most trusted outdoor outfitters in the game, embodying a dedication to quality and a conscious lifestyle. To celebrate their 40th anniversary, Patagonia designers invited founder Yvon Chouinard and other friends to dig through their attics and old gear archives to inspire a new collection—one full of old gold and early era inspiration. The result is the 10-piece Fall 2013 Legacy Collection. Each piece—from a flowing cagoule to cropped wool bambacha and reclaimed wool vest—has been reinterpreted and redesigned with modern materials and a more refined fit, all while keeping the original aesthetic fully intact. To see where each piece came from, we took a closer look at the new collection alongside the original inspiration pieces. Below are four of our favorites.

Patagonia-new-cagoule-1.jpg Patagonia-old-cagoule-2.jpg
Post Foamback Cagoule

An absolute standout, the poncho-esque cagoule was originally developed for British climbers in the early ’60s as a wearable temporary shelter from nasty Scottish weather, with a generous cut from the chest down to cover the knees during a downpour. Benefitting from the introduction of modern waterproof fabrics, the new iteration is more waterproof, quieter and generally more comfortable. Plus double cuffs seal out moisture and a drawstring allows the garment to be hiked up and cinched at the waste for uninhibited movement.

Patagonia-new-Diamond-Quilt-SnapT-Pullover-5.jpg Patagonia-old-Diamond-Snap-Pullover-6.jpg
Diamond Quilt Snap-T Pullover

As one of the more recognizable pieces in the collection, the diamond quilt pullover was first introduced to the brand in the ’80s as a lightweight version of the overstuffed woodsman’s staple. Now available in a studier fabric, the diamond stitching traps air in small cloth chambers, creating an insulating effect. A go-to for life on foot in the outdoors.

Patagonia-new-stand-up-pants-3.jpg Patagonia-old-stand-up-pants-4.jpg
Stand Up Pants

Like a climber’s version of a Carhartt work pant, the stand up pants feature reinforced thighs and knees to extend the life of the pants and offer double protection—a design appropriated from ironworkers’ pants that had double legs to keep iron stock from chafing the thighs. Finishing up the modern reinterpretation, Patagonia designers update the fabric with 10oz organic cotton duck canvas.

Patagonia-new-summit-pack-purple-7.jpg Patagonia-old-Summit-Pack-8.jpg
Summit Pack

Mid-sized, lightweight and simple, the summit pack has been reinvented to include curved shoulder straps—to avoid harness interference and conform to the body better—and accessory lash-ons to carry supplementary ice axes and the like. Originally introduced in the ’80s as well, this colorful pack was designed with a single purpose, be all a climber needed and nothing else.

For more about the four items listed above and the six remaining pieces in the Legacy Collection, visit Patagonia online where the entire collection is available as of yesterday, 1 September.

Images courtesy of Patagonia