Second Chance

Publish gives cutting-floor scraps a new life in a collection of men's basics


With a brand motto of “Today for Tomorrow,” LA’s Publish focuses on providing garments that are sustainable in terms of both design longevity and environmentally supportive production practices. To support this goal, Publish is launching the first collection as part of their Second Chance program, a resourceful initiative to turn manufacturing plant fabric scraps gathered from multiple Chinese factories—including their own—into limited-run men’s basics. The small collection includes a T-shirt, tank top, short-sleeve henley and two pants options made from ring-spun jersey and loop french terry fleece in a handful of colors.


Considering the amount of fabric waste that falls to the cutting room floor with each batch of big brand collections, this small initiative hopes to lessen the environmental impact of mass manufacturing, offer Publish’s loyal supporters a unique garment and encourage other companies to consider their role in production pollution all at the same time. “We were able to accumulate enough fabric to make 100 pieces per style per color,” says Richard Chung of Publish. “Hopefully with enough support, we’ll be able to continue this program to better our environment and keep helping positive causes.”

Publish-2nd-chance-3.jpg Publish-2nd-chance-6.jpg

While the commitment to eco-friendly serves as the primary draw of the collection, the detail on the pieces is worth noting as well. We were particularly impressed with the two-button collar on the henley, the striped shirts cut almost like baseball shirts and the understated color palette, which helps keep a pleasantly low profile. Aside from the garments themselves we’re also digging the rolled-up presentation and recycled paper packaging reminiscent of fellow brand The Hillside. All in all, Publish makes quite a step up from what was once considered “post-industrial waste.”

Publish-2nd-chance-4.jpg Publish-2nd-chance-5.jpg

For more information on the Second Chance program and to shop the line visit Publish brand online where the pieces are now available from around $30-$52 per piece. Also visit the website for updates on the initiative, which has a community-based outreach program coming up in the near future.