Rei Kawakubo’s Costumes for Vienna State Opera’s Production of Orlando

As sublime as the story that inspires them, Rei Kawakubo’s costumes for the Vienna State Opera’s production of Virginia Woolf’s Orlando channel themes of time travel, gender exploration and poetry. Be it the white dress covered entirely in bows or the red damask dress with a polka-dotted skirt and black appliqué flowers, each creation embodies the artistry associated with the Comme des Garçons designer. Kawakubo’s process for the opera began in May and involved a presentation of ideas informed by the tale earlier this year at Paris Fashion Week and then a related CDG collection in September. It’s Kawakubo’s first time designing costumes and, as the production is directed by Olga Neuwirth, it’s the first time the Vienna Opera House stages a show helmed by a woman. Read more at Dezeen.