Eight Colorful Socks for Spring

Our picks for showing off your ankles as the weather heats up this season

Spring has almost entirely sprung in the Northern Hemisphere, and with the warmer weather comes the ability to show off your ankles. (Soon, legs and arms too.) What better way to celebrate cuffing season than with some fun, bold and playful socks? Here, the CH team has selected some cheerful and colorful socks—for all genders—that draw attention to a body part that’s been hidden for several months.



Spring is a season of strange weather—sunny one day, gloomy, raining (maybe even snowing) the next—and Gorman’s Forward Slash Socks ($16) reflect that unpredictability perfectly. The design’s cutesy, patterned pink panels clash beautifully with darker shades of mustard and navy.

Odd Pears

While wearing totally unmatched socks on each foot isn’t everybody’s idea of fashion, Odd Pears’ subtly different (but still complementary) sets of three socks are a great way to dip your toe into the style. The brand’s new collection includes the GEOM ($14), a set of three socks that are geometric patterned and bright, but the style’s navy and white overtones keep wearers from looking like a clown.



For those who want to get properly playful with their sock game, Melbourne-based Unempire offers the bright red
Secret Society Socks ($21). With original art by Zoë Lea, these socks are each different and are probably the official footwear of the Illuminati.

Bonne Maison

The sunshine begs for tropical motifs, but in springtime’s wavering weather, Bonne Maison’s Fruit socks (€18) are less risky than all-out Carmen Miranda stylings. While covered in watermelons, pineapples and bananas, the socks’ dark background make them wearable even on a gloomy day.


Cole Haan

The Flash Stripe Crew ($12.50), from Cole Haan, strikes an ideal balance between workwear and casual vibes. There’s something playful to the uncommon color combination, and yet distinctly desirable. And, at 200 needle count, they’re also well crafted.

Paul Smith

Made in the UK is only one statement that’s long defined Paul Smith. Their use of bright colors, clearly seen in the new Sky Blue Boat Stripe Socks (£17), always lends an extra edge for spring stylings. Sometimes, one single thick pink line is all a sock needs to change perception on stripes.



An update to their Solid Color with Jacquard Fork Motif offering, these brilliant yellow socks from luxury Italian fashion brand ETRO carry just enough personality—conveyed through a knife and a fork. The cotton is soft and the length is appropriately long. Altogether they can be dressed up or dressed down and feel comfortable in both settings. Right now the S/S ’15 yellow version ($70) is available in-store at Neiman Marcus.

Happy Socks

No sock round-up is ever complete without the inclusion of Happy Socks. A regular favorite with reliably vibrant options, this season the Swedish brand unveiled a new Athletic collection filled with polka dots, stripes and patterns. It’s great to have arch support and a cushioned sole, especially when it comes in pink and turquoise camo. ($14)

Images courtesy of respective brands