Soxfords’ Cheeky New Tie Collection

Deviled eggs, Hula girls and a party monster add some well designed fun to your look

In the limited world of men’s accessories, ties (and bowties) are often given the mighty task of making a statement. Size, color options, material and patterning all allow for a bit more expression, but there’s a slim space between dull and too much. Soxfords manages to strike the sweet spot with their latest silk embroidered ties and bowties. The new releases, from the NY brand known for blending “subtle wit” into their meticulously finished accessories, feature kooky, cute and at times cheeky motifs.

From ants and dancing robots to Hula girls and a play upon a deviled egg, the images fall into fairly traditional patterns, but they themselves are far from. In fact they’re in-house designed pieces of art, with some curious inspiration (the hippos, for instance, were inspired by “a vintage diner sign from the 1920s merged with a found antique indigo fabric swatch from Japan,” founder Ryan Kent notes. Beautifully hand-made in Brooklyn, the ties and bowties showcase quality with just enough quirk.

It’s definitely worth making clear that these aren’t gimmicky ties. Their goal may be to elicit a smile, but at the core these are 100% silk pieces, with self-tipped backing. The neckties are 3″ wide, .25″ shy of traditional ties, still on on the classic side but it’s a nice, refined balance. The bow ties feature a traditional butterfly cut and are not pre-tied. They’re well-made, designed and finished in Brooklyn.

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Images courtesy of Soxfords