Spiewak Outerwear: Recycled Down Process

Jackets and coats with a history and a conscience

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NYC-based Spiewak is a brand steeped in history, yet has a vision toward the future. Founded in 1904, the family business began with handmade sheepskin vests which they sold on the docks of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and grew to provide pea coats for the US Army during WWI, flight jackets for pilots in WWII, and countless organizations’ uniforms. With these credentials, Spiewak could rest on its legacy, yet it’s a brand that refuses to be complacent. As CEO Luca Levi says, “We believe that innovation comes from understanding consumer needs and taking actions to improve products in order to match those expectations. Research of new fabrics and the introduction of alternative manufacturing processes and materials are part of our design strategy rooted in the past, but aimed at the future.”

With this mindset, Spiewak has joined forces with another historic family business in order to introduce recycled down into their outerwear. Says Levi, on teaming up with Italy’s Minardi Piume in 2014, “At the time there was no intention to market the process, but we all agreed that a recycled material with equal—if not higher—performing features was the right choice for Spiewak. We’re glad to see that the choice was the right direction in quality and sustainability, so much that we decided to utilize the Recycled Down Process for future collections.”

Environmental consciousness is one of Spiewak’s main pillars, and is one of the reasons the recycled down process has been a success—one that the brand will continue. Recycled down has equal loft as newly plucked feathers, allowing Spiewak to remain environmentally conscious and support sustainability without sacrificing warmth or comfort. To promote corporate transparency and sustainable manufacturing, Spiewak and Minardi Piume have produced a short film revealing the recycled down process. This behind-the-scenes look will most likely inspire you to hold your jacket a little closer.

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Images courtesy of Spiewak