Timo Weiland’s CFDA Retail Lab at Cadillac House

The fashion designer curates a selection of his own collection, Zenni glasses and more

Back during New York Fashion Week: Men’s, consistently hot brand Timo Weiland made their men’s spring/summer 2017 pieces available immediately post-runway show. And they did so at NYC’s new Cadillac House, right where the runway show took place. The collection garnered rave reviews, and even Timo Weiland men’s designer Alan Eckstein admits this might be their most shoppable collection thus far. Now, almost a month later, the pieces are still available on site alongside a series of rotating artwork and lifestyle products, in the brand’s first ever standalone retail store, as part of the CFDA & Cadillac’s Retail Lab initiative. It’s an uncommon, curated shopping experience that reflects all the values the Timo Weiland brand has come to represent.

In addition to the fashion brand’s offerings, there are 36 styles of Zenni Optical glasses. “We pulled all these styles from their archives,” Weiland explains to CH. “We looked through 6,000 on their website and also went through 2,000 in person,” he continues. “We brought that down to 300 and then 36.” The selections, known as Timo’s Picks, range from square and architectural to rounded and bold. They reflect the aesthetics of not just Weiland but also designers Eckstein and Donna Kang. It’s also the first time Zenni Optical frames have been sold in a retail setting—and all of them are customizable (and begin at $26).

It’s another step in Weiland’s partnership with the glasses brand and one that he says will be ever-evolving. As for the other items in the store, they range from the recently released Felix Twill + Ponyhair Backpack to men’s and women’s core collection items. Whether or not you’ve been following Weiland for as long as we have, it’s a destination worth scoping out.

The Timo Weiland CFDA Retail Lab is located at Cadillac House, 330 Hudson Street, New York. It’s open from 11AM to 7PM seven days a week.

Images by David Graver