Tracksmith Marathon Singlets

Classically styled running singlets honoring two of the largest and oldest races in the US


Running apparel is—at last—making a widespread departure from neon color palettes and graphic design that appears to have been generated by a robot. Leading the pack is Boston-based vintage-styled running apparel-maker Tracksmith. After a successful launch this summer, the Made-in-America apparel company is back for fall marathon season with a special drop. Honoring two of the longest continually running (and largest) annual marathons—NYC and Boston—the lightweight 2:09 mesh singlets draw design inspiration from the early days of American distance running. While securing a spot in the NYC Marathon (coming up 2 November 2014) is a challenge purely based on the popularity of the event, lacing up for Boston’s marathon will take logging some serious miles. Qualifying for the Patriot Day race eludes even the most dedicated runners and Tracksmith has honored this prestigious accomplishment. Securing one of the brand’s Boston singlets requires qualifying for the race, making this a jersey you earn, not just buy.

Both the NYC and Boston singlets sell for $70 and include four golden pins for affixing your race number on the big day.

Images courtesy of Tracksmith