Travelteq Pocchiali

Protect your glasses with a reversible silk sleeve that doubles as a pocket square

travelteq-pocchiali.jpg travelteq-pocchiali-2.jpg

Just because the weather is warming up spring is no time to let your style start slacking. If you’re suiting up this season ditch the proper pocket square and kill two birds with one stone with the Pocchiali. Travelteq‘s first new release in some time, the Italian silk pouch serves to protect your glasses from scratches and add a bit of flair to your ensemble at the same time.

Hand stitched in Amsterdam, the reversible Pocchiali can be folded to reveal both colors or left straight up for singular impact. Plus it’s the perfect size to be used as an impromptu iPhone case in case you’re sans glasses. Find the silk Pocchiali directly from Travelteq now for €60.

Images courtesy of Travelteq