Triko Online Store


Triko, a premium street-wear brand for the fashion conscious, recently launched their online retail store timed with the release of some spring/summer designs. Having had our fill of "all over prints" the "Blocked" pull-over hoodie (far right) is a refreshing departure while still holding good shape and geometrical patterns. The four-triangle structure comes together well, integrating the design into the seams for the front pockets. "Family" (near right) features the official Triko Shield designed by Hector Estrada, the different symbols representing harmony, heritage, creativity, unity, re-birth and excellence.

In addition to their line that nails the current cleaner, more refined global street style, Triko is commited to using sustainable materials that promote a healthier environment, focus on social and environmental awareness and are actively involved in charities like Solar 1 and Defenders of Wildlife.