Truth Art Beauty

Build your own all-natural skincare regimen online


As the concept of customizable skincare moves online with greater sophistication than what could be found at traditional beauty counters, we were intrigued to test the new bespoke line by Truth Art Beauty. The company—created by two friends who met at Harvard Business School—is based around the two pillars of being “truly pure” with only natural ingredients and “truly yours” with tailored products created for each individual’s unique needs.

Like many of its market competitors, Truth Art Beauty deals with organic products. The line of handcrafted, customized blends is comprised of eye balm, face nourishing oil, body salve oil, body buff and bath salts. In addition to using oils in lieu of creams for their effectiveness, Truth Art Beauty makes their products 100% active—meaning they don’t use any fillers (such as water) in the manufacturing process. The brand, which doesn’t test on animals, approaches its 95% organic skincare products as if they were food: ingredients have to be fresh, unprocessed, all-natural and free of synthetic chemicals or artificial additives. Like food, they have an expiration date—the eye balm lasts for six months—because no preservatives are added.

While being pure and natural is all well and good, the products still must be effective. We tried the eye balm and the body oil, each of which we created on the site’s step-by-step formula-building process. The “truly yours” part of Truth Art Beauty’s doctrine that plays on another strong tendency in the market to offer skin solutions hand-picked by the individual based on their specific needs, and the customer is entrusted to know what he or she needs.

When we went on the site to create our personal products, we were faced with an intuitive, easy-to-navigate and informative interface to craft our concoctions. Not only was it fun to pick out our ingredients, but the transparency allowed for total awareness of what we’d be putting on our face and body, not to mention a bit of how it works.

For the eye balm, there are two steps to the selection process. Step one involves selecting a base among two ingredients whose properties—regeneration or protection—are explained along the way. Next, you choose among three “boosts” including firming and tightening, anti-aging and anti-puffiness—we chose anti-puffiness and anti-aging. With that our own blend was ready and on its way.


Body products involve 3-4 steps. Beginning with adapting one’s skin type, and finishing with the selection of a fragrance, the process is set up to allow only compatible combinations of ingredients and properties. Plus, a comprehensive glossary is available on the website and can be checked to find out more about each ingredient. In addition to the customized formulas, ready-made creams are also available.

The goods were delivered in bottles made from recycled glass and plastic, and it should be noted that the ingredients are not listed on the actual containers. Both products we tried delivered satisfactory results, and we were pleased with how gentle they felt on our skin. The eye balm didn’t irritate that sensitive area in the least, and our lids felt brighter and younger after a short time of using the product. The body oil effectively moisturized without leaving oily or sticky residue in its wake.

Truth Art Beauty products are made in New York and are available online. Visit the website to learn more and to build your own personalized face and body regimen.