MAKE’s Naxos Collection for All Genders

The NYC beauty brand makes a serious move into skincare, including a primer that protects from blue light emitted by screens

NYC-based MAKE launched in 2013 as a beauty line determined to be different. The high-quality, paraben-free products are made locally in NYC (with the savings passed on to customers through their e-commerce structure), unexpected collaborations are done with artists and designers like Faye Toogood, and there’s the core philanthropic aspect. As a for-benefit brand targeting equality issues, MAKE donates one-third of its sales to their non-profit partner, We See Beauty Foundation, which aids underserved women gain sustainable economic independence through developing worker-owned cooperatives. Continuing in this path of differentiation, MAKE launches a gender-neutral Naxos collection, which marks their first serious foray into skincare. It features multifunctional products that fit our contemporary lifestyles—rather than the other way around, which is how it can feel with other “new” beauty products.

The first two products to launch are a lip oil/remover ($12) and a Moonlight Primer ($55). The latter is a particular standout for its ability to shield High-Energy Visible light (aka blue light, found in natural sources like the sun and artificial sources like digital screens) and infrared light, which can supposedly lead to premature aging and skin damage. It uses algae to protect from free radicals, pollution and more. Having no fragrance at all, the moisturizing primer disappears into the skin after a few circular rubs—leaving behind a surprising softness that had us touching our face over and over. The rest of the Naxos collection will slowly roll out—item by item—over the next few months: stay tuned for a brightening serum, algae-based salve, unisex clear lash and brow gel for sculpting, and more.

“For us, it’s very important, this idea of allowing for creative self-expression. Man, woman, whatever your personal identification in terms of gender—it’s not really about that. For this collection, I was really inspired by my brother, who used to wear eyeliner or lipstick sometimes. It wasn’t about sexuality, it was just about expression—going to a certain party, whatever. Everything was much more malleable and I feel that’s where contemporary culture is,” MAKE’s Creative Director Ariana Mouyiaris tells CH. “I don’t think people want to siloed. You want to feel feminine, but what does that mean? It’s not necessarily having long locks and wearing a lot of color; it’s being confident in yourself. Beauty is confidence.”

Shop the NAXOS collection and more online from MAKE where 33.3% of each entire purchase (not just profits, which is an important note) is donated to We See Beauty Foundation.

Campaign images courtesy of Vassilis Karidis, product images courtesy of MAKE