Unbreakable Sunglasses by Italia Independent

A playfully designed frame made of rubber to last forever


Ideal for those accident-prone amongst us, the I-Ultra sunglasses from Italia Independent are made entirely of rubber, save for the high-quality lenses of course. The malleable frames can be bent in essentially any direction without breaking, making them safe for stashing in your back pocket or tossing into a bag once the sun goes down.

The lightweight material—which Italia Independent claims to have never been used in eyewear before—lends the colorful frames a curious look, which is only further accentuated by mirrored lenses and an intentionally large size. (“The product is a radicalization of the concept of extra large eyewear,” or so says the brand product copy.) In essence, they’re playful by design, but potentially won’t suit all face shapes. While we haven’t gotten a hold of this particular pair just yet, past experience with the brand certainly builds confidence in its quality.

Find the unbreakable summer shades in 10 different colorways exclusively for $167 from Italia Independent.

Image courtesy of Italia Independent